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Invicta Flies - Clouser Swimming Nymph
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This pattern is featured in "Carp on the Fly" (see recommended literature). A good fly to use for carp, but can also be productive for smallmouth as well. Dead drift or crawl right in the rocks on the bottom.

Hook: Mustad 9671, #10-8
Thread: 6/0 flourescent orange
Tail: rust color rabbit fur or australian opossum
Abdomen: rust color rabbit dubbing
Wingcase: peacock herl
Thorax: rust color rabbit dubbing
Legs: hen pheasant body feathers or mottled brown hen saddle hackle, palmered over thorax

Tying Instructions:

1.) Place hook in vise and secure thread, covering entire shank. Cover 2/3 of the shank with fine lead wire for weight. Wrap thread six times back and forth over lead to secure. Wind thread back to bend. Cement thread wraps over lead wire.
2.) Clip a bundle of rabbit fur, guard hairs and all, and tie in at bend, length equal to about 2/3 the hook shank length.
3.) Dub a tapered body two/thirds the way up the shank.
4.) Tie in about eight stands of peacock herl by their tips, butts extending toward the bend of the hook. This will later become the wingcase.
5.) Dub half the thorax.
6.) Tie in the hen pheasant body feather by its tip, length of fibers from 2/3 to 3/4 the shank.
7.) Finish dubbing the thorax to about one hook eye length behind eye.
8.) Spiral wrap the leg hackle forward to thread. Tie off and clip excess.
9.) Trim the hen pheasant on top, then pull the peacock herl wingcase forward over the thorax and tie down. Clip excess.
10.) Build a small head of thread, whip finish, and coat with cement.