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Invicta Flies - Copper Squirrel
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Hook: Mustad 3906B, #16-18
Thread: Danville's Prewaxed 6/0, black
Tail: gray squirrel guard hairs
Abdomen: copper wire
Wingcase: natural brown turkey tail segment or similar
Thorax: gray squirrel/black beaver dubbing blend
Legs: guard hairs plucked from thorax

Tying Instructions:

1.) Place hook in vise and secure thread, ending at bend of hook.
2.) Clip a bundle of hair from the back of a gray squirrel skin. Remove underfur and tie in at bend, length equal to hook shank.
3.) Tie in copper wire and wind thread forward to a point halfway between the eye and the hook point. Be sure to form a smooth foundation with the thread for the abdomen. Wind the copper wire forward in touching wraps to thread. Tie off and clip excess.
4.) Tie in segment of mottled turkey tail or similar quill, about 3/4 hook gap in width, shiny side up and excess extending toward bend of hook.
5.) Use a blend of 3/4 gray squirrel and 1/4 black beaver dubbing to form a swollen thorax terminating just behind eye.
6.) Fold wingcase of turkey over the thorax and tie down. Clip excess.
7.) Whip finish and cement thread wraps and wingcase.
8.) Pick out a few guard hairs from the thorax for legs with dubbing needle.