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Invicta Flies - Dragonfly Nymph
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Hook: Mustad 9672, #8-6
Thread: 6/0 olive
Abdomen: olive poly yarn
Ribbing: dark copper wire
Thorax: coarse dubbing blend, olive tone (see below)
Legs: webby, grizzly olive saddle hackle, palmered over thorax
Wingcase: olive turkey tail segment or raffia
Head: same dubbing as thorax
Eyes: melted monofilament

Tying Instructions:

1.) Place hook in vise and secure thread. Cover shank with thread wraps.
2.) If weighting the fly, spiral fine lead wire at about mid-shank, cover with six passes of thread and cement.
3.) Tie in ribbing at bend, portion to be wound extending beyond bend.
4.) Tie in poly yarn at bend and wind thread forward 2/3 the way up the shank.
5.) Wrap poly yarn forward, forming a fat cigar-shaped abdomen. Tie off and clip excess.
6.) Counterwrap the wire ribbing forward to create segments. Tie off and clip.
7.) Tie in the saddle hackle by its tip. The length of the fibers should be 3/4 to as long as the abdomen. Wind thread forward to eye.
8.) Tie in a section of raffia or olive turkey tail, shiny side up and extending forward beyond eye. Measure for length to ensure that when pulled back over the body, it will extend a bit over the abdomen.
9.) Prepare the eyes by melting the ends of a one inch peice of 20 lb. monofilament. Leave a space between the eyes equal to one and a half times the width of the hook eye. You can paint the eyes black if you wish, but I prefer to leave them the amber color formed from melting.
10.) Tie mono eyes on top of shank one hook eye distance from the hook eye. Use figure eight wraps and cement to secure.
11.) Apply dubbing to the thread and figure eight wrap this around eyes to form the head. End wraps behind head.
12.) Dub a thorax that is slightly smaller in diameter than the abdomen. Form this from the head back to the saddle hackle tie-in point, but do not blend the head and thorax with the dubbing... leaving something like a skinney neck. Dub back to the saddle hackle, then forward again to the rear of the head.
13.) Spiral wrap the saddle hackle forward over the thorax to the thread. Tie off and clip excess. Trim the fibers from the top.
14.) Pull wingcase back over head, between eyes, and lash down with four tight wraps of thread.
15.) Lift remainder of wingcase and wrap thread back over throrax and through legs to beginning of abdomen. Pull wingcase back and lash with four or five wraps of thread.
16.) Whip finish thread here and cement the wraps. You may also wish to cement the wingcase for durability.