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Invicta Flies - Miracle Midge
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When wet, the body of this larva takes on a translucent gray that looks like the soft body of the natural. Simple to tie and very good for midging trout.

Color when dry.
Color when wet.
Hook: Mustad 94840, #26-20
Thread: Danville's Prewaxed 6/0, black
Ribbing: fine copper wire
Underbody: tying thread
Body: white floss
Head: tying thread, built up

Tying Instructions:

1.) Insert hook into vise and secure thread, terminating at bend of hook.
2.) Tie in copper wire ribbing with portion to be wound extending beyond bend.
3.) Wind thread forward and back along the shank a couple times to achive a smooth underbody. Finish with thread at bend.
4.) Tie in white floss, wind thread forward to one hook eye length behind eye.
5.) Wrap a smooth layer of the floss forward to thread. Tie off and clip excess.
6.) Counter wrap the wire ribbing forward to thread, tie off and clip.
7.) Build a substatial head of the tying thread. Whip finish and cement the thread wraps only.