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Invicta Flies - Peacock Squirrel
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Hook: Mustad 3906B, #16-14
Thread: Danville Prewaxed 6/0 black
Tail: gray squirrel guard hairs
Abdomen: peacock herl
Ribbing: dark copper wire
Thorax: gray squirrel dubbing blend
Wingcase: gray goose quill fibers
Legs: plucked guard hairs from thorax

Tying Instructions:

1.) Insert hook into vise and secure thread.
2.) Clip a bundle of gray squirrel hair and remove the underfur. Tie the guard hairs in for the tail, length about equal to the hook shank.
3.) Tie in the copper wire ribbing, portion to be wound extending beyond bend.
4.) Tie in four strands of peacock herl by their tips. Twist around the tying thread to form a rope. Wrap this rope forward halfway up the hook Tie off and clip excess peacock herl.
5.) Counter wrap the wire ribbing through the peacock herl to thread. Tie off and clip.
6.) Clip a section of gray goose quill equal to 3/4 hook gap in width. Tie in, shiny side up, by the tips, excess extend toward bend.
7.) Form a thorax of dubbing made of 3/4 gray squirrel and 1/4 black beaver. Best results can be achieved by using a dubbing loop. End thorax one hook eye length behind eye.
8.) Pull goose quill segment forward over thorax to form the wingcase. Tie down and clip excess.
9.) Form a small head with the tying thread. Whip finish, cement the head and wingcase.
10.) Use a needle to pluck out a few guard hairs from the thorax to form legs.