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Invicta Flies - Mallard & Claret
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Another great classic, I've had great success fishing this fly on the swing and dead drift for rainbow trout.  It can also be good fished with slow, short strips for panfish and bass on warm lakes. Try not to substitute the bronze mallard, as this has a beautiful sheen and adds tremendously to the pattern.

Hook: Mustad 3906B, #16-12
Thread: Danville Prewaxed 6/0 black
Tail: five or six golden pheasant tippets
Body: claret seal fur or similar dubbing
Ribbing: fine oval gold tinsel
Hackle: black hen
Wing: bronze mallard

Tying Instructions:

1.) Place hook in vise and secure thread, ending at hook bend.
2.) Tie in five or six golden pheasant tippets for the tail, length 2/3 hook shank.
3.) Tie in ribbing, portion to be wound extending beyond hook bend.
4.) Dub a thin body of claret, terminating one and a half hook eye lengths behind eye.
5.) Wind ribbing forward in an open spiral to thread. Tie off and clip excess.
6.) Select a hen hackle feather with fibers one and a half to two times the hook gap in length. Tie in by the tip and take two turns. Tie off and clip.
7.) Clip a segment of bronze mallard equal to one and a half hook gap in width. Align the tips by "rocking" the fibers between thumb and finger. Fold in half and tie in on top of hook with tips extending to about the middle of the tail. Clip excess butts.
8.) Form a full, rounded head with the tying thread. Whip finish and cement for a glossy look.