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Invicta Flies - Glassbead M.O.E.
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Originated by Erik Andreasson of Sweden.  A very good pattern which has produced countless sunfish and many good bass for me here in the United States.  The glass beads in front of and behind the eyes make forming the epoxy head very easy.  Plastic bead chain eyes make for a light, slow-sinking pattern, good for ponds and shallow-water fishing.  Metal bead chain produces a heavier fly, best suited for deep fishing or rivers.  Fish this pattern like any streamer- it is very much like forage fish in appearance and seems to draw fish from nowhere.  Fun to tie, even better to fish!
Orignal tied by Erik Andreasson.
Size 12 red.

Hook: Mustad 3906B, #10-8
Thread: 6/0 color to match pattern
Eyes: beadchain
Head: glass beads, epoxy or Hard Head over all
Tail: marabou, four strands Krystal Flash  or similar
Hackle: jungle cock saddle or rooster saddle
View from underneath.

Tying Instructions:

1.)  First we will form the bead/epoxy head. As it will take some time for each layer of epoxy to dry, it is beneficial to form a dozen or so heads per session. Crimp the barb of the hook and place two beads onto the shank near the eye. Killer Caddis beads in size Small work well. Insert hook into vise.
2.)  Secure thread near eye between the two beads, about one and a half hook-eye lengths behind eye. Tie bead chain eyes on top of shank and secure using figure-eight wraps, periodically taking a couple turns of thread over the shank but under the eyes and pulling tight. Eight or so wraps should do it. Cement the wraps.
3.)  (optional) Tie in some tinsel or Flash and cover the thread wraps. Tie off behind eyes, but in front of rear bead. This gives some flash to the head if clear epoxy or Hard Head is used.
4.)  Whip finish and clip the thread. Cement the wraps and before dry, push rear bead up onto the cemented thread. Repeat steps 1-4 for all flies being tied in this session.
5.)  Use epoxy or Loon's Hard Head to coat the glass beads and the bead chain eyes. Allow to dry a few hours or overnight. Three or four layers of Hard Head may be necessary to achieve the desired shape. Repeat for all flies.
6.)  When the heads are all finished, reattach the thread behind the rear bead. Tie in a tail of marabou so it extends a full hook length beyond bend. The strands of marabou which do not taper to a fine fiber achieve the best result.
7.)  Tie in two strands of Krystal Flash or Flashabou Accent on each side, extending just beyond the marabou.
8.)  Tie in a matching color of saddle hackle or similar soft hackle. Erik's original pattern calls for Jungle Cock saddle, as seen in the photos above, which creates a nice soft collar that undulates enticingly when the fly is retrieved. About four turns of hackle is just about right. Tie off right behind the head.
9.)  Whip finish and cement the thread wraps.

Color combinations are limited only by your
Top producer: white, rainbow flash, grizzly or jungle cock saddle, epoxy head with brass bead chain eyes.

Size 12 olive.