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Invicta Flies - Epoxy Sand Eel
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Hook:  Mustad 34007, #1/0
Thread:  Uni-Thread 6/0, black
Head:  3/16 gold-plated brass bead
Body:  brown or olive bucktail, white and black bucktail
Flash:  gold Flashabou Accent
Troat:  red marabou
Eyes:  2mm Prismatic stick-on eyes
Coating:  five-minute epoxy

Tying Instructions:

1)  With pliers, mash down the barb of the hook (safety glasses recommended!).  Place the bead on the hook, then insert the hook into the vise.

2)  Secure the thread just behind the bead-head.  Cover shank with the tying thread to between hook point and barb.  Wrap back to right behind bead.

3)  From a jumbo size brown bucktail, clip a bundle about 1/3 matchstick in diameter.  Remove the shortest fibers, leave the rest uneven.  Insert the butt ends into the opening of the brass bead.  Lash the bundle to the top of the shank.  The tips should extend two to two and a half hook lengths beyond back of hook.

4)  Tie in a similar bundle of white bucktail on the bottom of the shank in a similar manner, inserting the butt ends into the opening of the bead.

5)  Tie a similar bundle of black bucktail on top.  By now, depending on the brand of bead, you may not be able to insert the bundle into the bead opening.  If this is the case, simply lash down, clip and cover the butts.

6)  For the throat, tie in four or five short fibers of fluffy marabou, the tips uneven.

7)  Tie in three strands of gold Flashabou Accent on each side, extending to the tips of the longest bucktail fibers.  Whip finish the thread and clip.

8)  Pull back the materials and hold at the bend while applying a coat of five-minute epoxy.  Hand rotate as it sets for even distribution.  This coat will soak into the fibers and build a "base."  Allow the marabou throat to be consumed by the epoxy so the fibers flare back along the belly.

9)  Apply the eyes to either side over the thread wraps.  Apply the second coat of epoxy, again hand-rotating while it sets.  It should be more round toward the eyes (a continuation of the round brass bead), and becoming flatter toward the bend (when looking at it from above).  Allow to dry.