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Invicta Flies - Simple Foam Popper
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Submitted by Troy Harrington, this pattern is "simple" to tie and highly effective for both panfish and bass.

Hook: Mustad 94840, #10  or similar
Thread: Danville's Prewaxed 6/0, yellow
Tail: yellow saddle hackle tips
Hackle: yellow saddle hackle
Body: Rainy's Float Foam, large, yellow

Tying Instructions:

1)  Secure thread to hook near bend.  Build a thread base at the bend for the tail.

2)  Select two yellow saddle hackles, align the tips with the feathers curving away from each other.  Measure for length, which is equal to the full hook.  Stroke the fibers back from this point and secure to shank at bend, a feather on each side, with three or four wraps of thread.  Work the thread to in front of the saddle feathers.

3)  Wind the hackle feathers together for four turns, each in front of the last.  Stroke the fibers rearward as you wind and avoid trapping the bards down.  Tie off and clip the excess.

4)  Whip finish the thread over the tied-down butts and cement.

5)  Measure the 1/4 inch thick foam against the hook.  Cut a piece that will fit between the hook eye and the hackle. Stick a large needle or bodkin through the center.  Place the needle point on the hook eye and slide the foam off the needle onto the hook shank.  Twisting the foam as you go helps with this.