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Invicta Flies - Caveman
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Hook: Mustad 3906B, #12
Head: brass bead, 1/8 "
Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, black
Body: black medium chenille
Tail: fine white rubber strands, pearl Krystal Flash
Collar: grizzly hen hackle
Legs: fine white rubber

Tying Instructions:

1)  Flatten the hook barb with needle-nose pliers. Place the brass bead on the hook and insert the hook into the vise.

2)  Secure the tying thread to the shank and bring to just behind the bead. Insert the tag end of the chenille into the hole of the bead and lash the chenille to the top of the shank, working back to the bend. Take a couple extra turns at the bend.

3)  Spiral the thread forward again to just behind the bead. On one side, tie in two strands of fine white rubber leg material so they extend forward a hook shank's length. Do the same with two more strands on the other side. Hold the strands in place as you wind the thread back to the bend, lashing them to the sides. Take a couple extra turns at the bend to secure.

4)  Tie in two strands of pearl Krystal Flash on each side. Now trim these with the rubber strands so the tail is slightly longer than the hook shank (shank + eye). Wind the thread forward to just behind the rubber legs.

5)  Pull the chenille up through the middle of the tail and wind it forward to the thread. Tie off and clip excess.

6)  Tie in a grizzly hackle feather from a hen cape, behind the rubber legs. The fibers should be webby and about one and a quarter to one and a half times the hook gap. Work the thread in front of the legs. Take one full turn of hackle  behind the legs, then pull the strands back and take another full turn in front. Tie off and clip the excess.

7)  Take several turns of the thread directly behind the bead to cover any exposed material, force the hackle and legs back a bit, and to hold the bead in place. Whip finish the thread, clip, and cement the wraps.