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Invicta Flies - Plug Slider
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Originated by Erik Andreasson of Sweden.

Tied by Erik Andreasson.

Hook:  Ashima S100, or Kamasan B940 black Aberdeen sea hook, #1/0-2/0
Thread:  6/0 yellow
Tail:  rainbow Krystal Flash, gold ripple flash or Crimped Mylar, saddle hackles
Body:  yellow ear-plug
Eyes:  prismatic stick-on or other (see below)

Tying Instructions:

1)  Secure thread to shank just behind the hook eye.  Hold ear-plug against the shank to measure and wind the thread rearward so you have a foundation as long as the ear-plug.  Continue rearward for one or two hook-eye widths and lash 12-18 strands of Rainbow Krystal Flash to the top of the shank.  Leave them full length for now.

2)  Take eight strands of gold Ripple Flash, Crimped Mylar, or Flashabou and tie them in on top of the Krystal Flash.  To do this, "fold" the bundle of strands over the tying thread, slide up to the shank, then take a couple tight turns to secure.  This doubles the amount of fibers and ties the material in with just two wraps of thread.

3)  Select four long, wide, and soft saddle hackles with a bit of marabou-like "fluff" at the base.  To match Erik's fly above, use two green and two yellow.  Place the two green back to back, then the yellow feathers on the outside of these.  The feathers should all face outward, and curve in toward each other.  Hold the feathers together on top of the shank, and take a couple fairly tight turns of thread, including some of the feathers' marabou in the tail.  Manipulate as necessary to place the feathers in line vertically with the hook and straight on the shank.  Take a few tight turns of thread to secure and clip any excess.

4)  Cover any exposed clipped ends with the thread, whip finish, and clip the thread.  Insert a large needle (like a bodkin) through the center of the ear plug.  Coat the thread foundation on the hook shank with cement. Place the hole on the eye of the hook, then carefully "slide" the plug off the needle onto the shank.  Don't squeeze the plug too much, or it will compress and be hard to move.  Add stick-on eyes, preferrably inexpensive ones as the heads are designed to be replaced.  *note Erik's use of small strawberry stickers for eyes.  Coat the eyes with cement to help hold them in place.