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Invicta Flies - Fake Leech Bugger
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A great original by Erik Andreasson of Sweden.  The yarn used to make the body can be found in knitting shops or catalogs in various colors.  The effect is a nice two-tone soft hackle with plenty of movement.  Using such materials for the body lets you quickly and easily create a very enticing fly good for a wide variety of fish species.

Tied by Erik Andresson.

If you know someone who likes to knit, they can put you onto a source for the long-fibered yarn, or may even have some material you can use.

Hook:  TMC 200, #8-10
Thread:  6/0 black
Tail:  black marabou
Body:  thin chenille knitting yarn, black/red
Collar:  black saddle hackle
Wing:  black marabou

Tying Instructions:

1)  Secure the thread to the hook shank and wind back to the bend.  Tie in a clump of marbou about as long as the hook.  Lash the excess to the top of the shank, and bring the thread back to the bend.

2)  Tie the tag end of the body material to the top of the shank and bring the thread forward to about two hook eye widths behind the eye.  Wrap the chenille forward, stroking the long fibers to the rear.  Take care not to bind any down on successive wraps.  At the thread, tie off and clip the excess.

3)  On top of the shank, tie in another bundle of marabou for the wing that extends to about the middle of the tail.  Clip the excess and take a couple extra tight turns of thread to secure.

4)  Select a saddle hackle feather with fibers that, when tied in, will reach just shy of the hook point.  Clip the stem at the point where the fibers are the right length and trim a few fibers off each side at the butt end.  Tie this in on the near side of the shank with three or four tight turns of thread.  Take two or three full wraps with the hackle, stroking the fibers to the rear, tie off, and clip the excess.

5)  Wrap back over the last wrap of hackle only, then build up a small tapered head.  Whip finish the thread and clip.  Cement the head.