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Invicta Flies - Flat Streamer
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An original from Erik Andreasson of Sweden, this flat-bodied streamer is designed to "slide" through the water on the descent.  Allowing the fly to sink, accompanied by an occassional sharp tug of the line, effectively gives the impression of a baitfish in dire circumstances (something seldom refused by big predatory fish!).  Keep the slack out of the line and be prepared for battle as the sharp tugs can, in fact, turn out to be a hook set!

Tied by Erik Andreasson.

Hook:  Mustad 3665A, #4-8
Thread:  6/0 black
Body Foundation:  plastic sticks, lashed to both sides
Tail:  black fox fur, unraveled mylar tubing from body
Body:  yellow mylar tubing
Collar:  unraveled mylar tubing from body
Wing:  black fox fur

Tying Instructions:

1)  Secure the thread to the hook shank just behind the eye.  Wind back to the bend in smooth, touching wraps.  At the bend, tie in a sparse bundle of black fox fur about as long as the hook (other furs, such as black bear, "streamer" hair, etc. can be used, just be sure to keep it quite sparse).  Clip the excess and wind the thread forward 3/4 of the way up the shank.

2)  Foundation-  the wide, flat body is created using plastic sticks cut to size.  These can be plastic toothpicks, paperclips, from children's games, etc.  Try to find sticks that are about the same thickness as the hook shank, and no more than about twice that in width.  After trimming two matching sticks, lash one to the near side, using horizontal pressure to tighten the wraps.  Wrap back to the bend, then forward again, then lash the other stick to the far side in the same manner.  Go back and forth with the thread a couple times to secure, ending with the thread at the bend.  Coat the foundation with a layer of cement and allow a moment for it to soak in.  (Zap-A-Gap works well in preventing the body from twisting on the shank.)

3)  Clip a section of yellow pearl mylar tubing about twice the length of the hook.  Unravel one end for a length equal to the hook shank.  Slip the tubing over the foundation and tie down at the bend, taking a couple wraps, pulling down to tighten, then another three tight wraps to secure.  Whip finish the thread.

4)  Pull the tubing foward to tighten and reattach the thread just in front of the foundation over the tubing.  Take a few tight turns to secure.  Unravel the rest of the tubing, then stroke back and lash down the strands to create a "hackle" all the way around the body.

5)  Tie in a bundle of black fox fur for the wing that extends to halfway between the tip of the tail and the ends of the mylar tail.  Clip any excess, then build up a smooth head.  Whip finish, clip the thread, and cement.