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Invicta Flies - Adams Shimmer-Wing
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The use of synthetics such as Antron or Zelon is not limited to spinner patterns.  Used in place of traditional winging materials on standard dries, they can spice up a pattern, making it especially effective during periods of sunlight. Use the color of synthetic that matches the natural or traditional material for the pattern.

Hook: Mustad 94840, #14
Thread:  6/0 brown
Tail: brown/grizzly hackle fibers, mixed
Body: dark gray dubbing blend, beaver or similar
Hackle: one medium ginger & one grizzly, mixed
Wings: white Antron yarn

Notes:  Tie a section of Antron (half a strand for #18, 2/3 of a strand for #16, a full strand for #14) in the wing area as you would mallard flank, extending over the eye of the hook.  Prop up with thread wraps, then divide.