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Invicta Flies - Deer Hair Beetle
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A very simple pattern, easy to tie, and versatile.  Often, during a good rain, beetles get washed into the creek.  Fished dry on top will produce in clearer water.  As the waters darken with washout from the rains, attach a bit of weight to the leader and present it to fish looking for just such a washed-up bug.

Hook: Mustad 94840, # 18-12
Underbody (larger sizes): peacock herl
Legs: deer hair, tips
Back & Head: deer hair

Tying Instructions:

1) Secure thread and lay a foundation on the front half of the hook shank.

2) Clip and stack a bundle of deer hair about a matchstick in diameter.  Hold the bundle above the shank, tips pointing toward eye, and measure the tips for length, 2/3 to a full shank.  Continue to hold the bundle on the top of the shank as you take a couple turns around the deer hair and the shank about 1/3 of the way back from the eye. Allow the tips to flare.  Work your holding fingers back as you spiral the thread rearward to the bend.  Take three very tight turns at the bend to secure the bundle to the top of the hook.  Release the bundle.  Spiral the thread forward again, through the flared tips, and to just behind the eye.

3) Push the butt ends of the deer hair bundle forward over the top, dividing the flared tips in the middle.  Pull slightly to tighten, and take a few turns of thread to tie down and secure.  Be sure to hold the bundle on the top of the shank.

4) Lift the remainder of the butts now extending beyond eye and take a couple turns of thread under the hair, around the shank.  Immediately tie a whip finish here around the shank only, clip the thread.  Add cement to the knot and to the wraps lashing the front end of the bundle to the hook.

5)  Hold the butt ends tight and clip them close and parallel to the hook eye.

6)  Coat the "back" with with Dave's Flexament for a little added durability.

Be sure to try various colors.