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Invicta Flies - Peccary Dun
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Peccary fibers are very similar to the thicker fibers of the porcupine.  They have a natural mottling perfect for species-specific patterns and interesting effects when dyed to other colors. This particular recipe is for a match-all, attractor pattern.

Hook: Mustad 94840, #12-14
Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, dark brown
Tail: woodchuck guard hairs
Abdomen: peccary "quill"
Wing: light blue dun hen hackle tips
Hackle: badger

Notes:  Flatten the peccary fiber between your finger and thumbnail, tie in by the tip on top of the shank, then wind forward.  Moistening is seldom necessary.  Adjust the point of tie-in to create different color variations.