Invicta Flies - Dalby Dribbler, variant
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Thanks to Erik Andreasson for submitting this pattern.  This is a variation of the Dalby Dribbler created by Danish fly fisherman Mark Vagn Hansen.

Tied by Erik Andreasson.

Hook:  TMC 200, #10
Thread: 6/0 black
Tag:  fluorescent green thread or floss
Tail:  green Flashabou
Hackle (fore and aft):  India hen, black
Body:  peacock herl
Ribbing:  extra fine green copper wire

Tying Instructions:

1)  Secure thread to shank behind the eye and wind back over 2/3 of the shank.  Tie in the tag end of a section of green thread or floss (here Erik uses old flyline backing) with three tight turns of thread.  Let the bobbin hang and wind the green floss rearward to above the hook barb, then forward again to the thread.  Tie down and clip the excess.  

2)  Tie in the green Flashabou.  A good way to do this with minimal wraps is to "fold" two strands over the thread, slide them up to the hook shank, then take a turn of thread to hold them in the position you want (here, on top of the shank). One more turn rearward secures the strands. Trim to about hook shank length.

3)  Select two soft hackle feathers (India or hen) with fibers one and a half to two times the hook gap in length.  Remove any marabou-like fluff from the butt end of the feathers by stripping them off.  Take one and tie it on top of the shank with three or four tight turns of thread.  Attach hackle pliers to the the tip and take two full turns of the hackle.  Lash down with three tight turns of thread and clip the excess.

4)  Lash the tag end of the copper wire to the top of the hook shank, the excess extending out beyond the bend.  Be sure to lash the wire along the body's entire length for an even foundation.  Bring the thread back to about a hook eye width in front of the hackle.

5)  Select three peacock herls and tie them in together by their tips.  Bring the thread forward to about one and a half hook eye widths behind the eye.  Holding the peacock herl together, wind them as one forward along the the shank, making sure all are tight and stay together as you go.  At the thread, tie off and clip the excess.

6)  Grasp the copper wire and counterwrap it forward (opposite the direction the herl was wrapped) in close open spirals to the thread.  Tie off and clip the excess.

7)  Take the other hackle feather prepared earlier and tie it in on top of the shank by the butt end.  Take three full turns with it, tie off, and clip the excess.

8)  Use the tying thread to build up a full rounded head, whip finish, and cement the head well for a glossy look.

Notes:  For more on the original Dalby Dribbler, see the article on