Invicta Flies - Peabody WMA, Kentucky
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In southwestern Kentucky lies this collection of lakes converted from old strip mines into a 65,000 acre wildlife management area.  A special permit is required in addition to a Kentucky state fishing license, but you then have access to hundreds of lakes full of bass, crappie and other sunfish.  Ranging in size from an acre or so to over 100 acres, the lakes are mostly walled-in by dense woods, but all are accessible via makeshift boat ramps.  Camping is allowed, but is strictly primitive, so pack everything, including water.  Alternately, you can stay at one of the hotels in any of the several nearby towns.  When going, have a good map and keep track (GPS is handy) of where you're traveling in this maze of dirt roads.  The area is also popular for hunting, especially waterfowl, so at those times of the season, be especially careful.  For more information and a map contact the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

Stormy sunrise.

Numerous "islands" provide lots of hang-outs for bass.
Fly patterns:
BH Bunny Leech
Dahlberg Diver
Muddler Minnow

Flooded timber is a commone feature here.

Open shorline is scarce-  most of the lakes are ideal for johnboats or personal pontoon boats.