Invicta Flies - Recommended Literature
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"Presentation" by Gary Borger. Good technical information coupled with great writing make this a good reference as well as a good read. Covers everything from stalking and color, to leader building and habitat, and much more.
"Micropatterns" by Darrel Martin. Written with very small flies in mind, this book also has a lot of information which can be applied to larger flies as well. In-depth look at materials and their properties, hook qulities, tying techniques, building furled leaders, dubbing brushes, as well as some good patterns.
"Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods" by Dave Whitlock. Covers all major foods of the trout, their life cycles, and includes patterns to imitate them. Many of the patterns can be used for other species as well. A good reference for beginner and expert alike.

"Carp On The Fly" by Barry Reynolds, Brad Befus, and John Berryman. The 'golden ghost' is great fun on the fly, and can be quite challenging at times. This book gives advice on where to find the carp, how to flyfish for them, and gives patterns you can tie and use. One of the best books on the subject.
"Production Fly Tying" by A.K. Best. Whether you want to crank out a hundred flies for profit or simply improve your tying, this book is for you. Good step-by-step instructions show how to achieve proportions, alignment, and tie durable and great-looking flies. Everything from dry flies to saltwater patterns, a wealth of information.
"Dyeing and Bleaching" by A.K. Best. Collecting your own materials makes flytying more enjoyable, and getting the colors you need by dyeing them yourself makes it even more enjoyable. This book will show you exactly how to do that, with procedure advice and formulas for the most popular colors.
"The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs" by James Churchill. Whether you hunt, know someone who does, or collect your own materials, this book will show you how to preserve furs and feathers so you can use them in fly tying. Covers many different animals and preservation techniques, so you will definately find one suitable for you. The absolute best book on the subject I have seen.
"Fly Fisherman" magazine. A monthly periodical with articles on waters, conservation, flytying, and more. Covers trout and other species. One to look forward to!
"Fly Tyer" magazine. Four issues a year, each loaded with techniques on tying flies for various species. The latest trends and patterns, as well as the classics.
"Trout" magazine. This is the publication of Trout Unlimited. TU has been responsible for the preservation of salmonid habitat for many years. Their efforts are to be applauded and any support is recommended. In addition, their publication outlines their various efforts, and also has articles on fishing different waters. To join Trout Unlimited, visit them at