Invicta Flies - Recommended Web Sites
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The Virtual Flyshop  Good site for all flyfishing related topics. Bulletin boards allow you to ask questions or give your own advice.  

Flytier's Page  Features hundreds of flies, photos with recipes, from well-known tiers.

The Highlander Way  Learn to fish wet flies, Scottish style, with this captivating site. Beautiful scenery photos, beautiful flies.

The Streamer Page Informative site by Peter Charles teaches how to fish streamers, equipment, presentation, patterns.

Fishing With Flies   From Peter Frailey comes this site with some more unique and hard-to-find patterns, plenty of good reading/stories.

Fly Tying World Created by Ed Gallop, this site features flies from tiers all over the world.

Trout Unlimited  Web site for the organization. News, events, membership info.